Fund Raising Made Easy and Fun

Dell Lanes has many great fundraising ideas and events for lots of groups. Many local school groups have raised money to help their sports teams, music departments and much more. Bowling is a great fundraiser for churches, charities and other organizations too!

Instance 1

Bowling Fundraisers



/lane (up to 6 people)

  • 3 hours of bowling
  • Shoe rental
  • Large 3 topping pizzas
  • Bottomless pop

We require a reservation of a minimum of 10 lanes and a non refundable deposit of 50% two weeks prior to the fundraisers date.

Our Recommendations

Sell each ticket for $20$20 X 6 People= $120 per lane ($120-$70 = $50 profit per lane)

We also have a Fundraiser option where you sell our bowling memberships for $30 each and get $5.00 per membership you sell, contact us for details.

Give us a call at (604) 581-8230 to start planning your event now!

Why should you host your fundraiser at our center?

  • Bowling is fun!
  • Families can do it together.
  • Almost everyone can bowl!
  • It’s inside – weather is never a factor.
  • We can accommodate many guests.
  • Great audio system to make announcements and use an MC or a DJ
  • Groups keep a large portion of ALL money raised.
  • Our staff will be there to help assist you and organize the event.